Some days I worry —

— that my luck will run out.

That the group of tall wannabe toughs blocking my path to the bus stop won’t always play nice when I cheekily say, no, I won’t give them sugar, and no, I won’t come back so they can get a better look at the color of my hair. I wish I wasn’t wearing my high heels as I walk away from them.

That the spacey dude with dreads won’t be so pleasant when I sweetly say I won’t accept his number, and no, I am not giving him mine. He says with a smile he will find me at the shop I work at. I let TLC run through my head while pretending I don’t feel queasy dread at the idea of running into him again.

That the fierce stranger won’t be there for me on the MAX, silently lending me strength while I get shit-talked by a 41 year old man. She locks eyes solemnly with me as if saying she will be my comrade if this creep decides to get physical. He insults my nose and my body and calls me racist because I repeatedly refuse to tell him where I live or where I am going. She tells him off. I have gone numb with surprise, realizing I am re-living the shame I once felt in middle school and little white boys used me as their verbal whipping post — a degradation free-for-all. I want to scream: “I’m not even white, you piece of shit! I just don’t want to fuck you!” When she gets off at a stop, he immediately reaches for my hair as the train starts up again. I think of Mia Zapata and shove off his hands, bolting to stand by the nearest exit. He doesn’t pursue me, even looks momentarily confused by how long he has sustained this harassment. I am relieved when he turns his back on me, but then I see him take the small vial out of his coat. I have a very private terror at the idea of acid attacks. Rationally, I realize the likelihood of one is zero, but even if it’s water, I am gone as soon as the MAX doors slide open. I look over my shoulder, to see him suddenly twist and splash the spot where I stood. His timing was wrong. My instincts were right. I got lucky.


10 Day Poetry Challenge — Day 10

Day 10- Pick a one line song lyric to serve as an epigraph to your poem. Then, write the poem to accompany it.

I won’t be your soft one

Beaten into sweet, tender shape
Like the slab of meat you think I am.
Darling —
If you want a fight
I’ve got the bite you’re looking for.


10 Day Poetry Challenge — Day 9

Quickly jot down four verbs, four adjectives, and four nouns. Write a poem using all 12 words.

Blisters on the throat of a flower
In thorn-apple patches
There’s mud streaks and rust streaks
On the inside of her thighs
A bony thing’s been hiding and crawling
Laughing and falling
Pale toes tugging and pulling at the dirt
For tiny burials of white clover
And waiting for worms to greet the moon


10 Day Poetry Challenge — Day 8

Write a cinquain on a topic of your choice.

Learning to lie
Choked up with fear and hands
You’re not the right one to let in
Get off.

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